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Laravel: How to enable all possible observers?

It’s a Laravel 5.4 site and I was about to enable all possible observers in the event that one of my clients was interested in seeing what I am up to.
So, I’ve found the event that Laravel provides for this.
\Event::listen(‘view.my_profile’, function() {
// my_profile is the class name

\Event::listen(‘view.my_chatroom’, function() {
// my_chatroom is the class name

\Event::listen(‘view.upload’, function() {
// my_upload is the class name

\Event::listen(‘’, function() {
// my_download is the class name

And as you can see it’s simply a nested listen function so that I get the observers of each event I create.
So, my question is, is there a way I can do this without writing a function for each class?


The event is called via a listener instance, this would allow you to run through all its listeners until you find your class and then call the hook
$class = new ReflectionClass(‘WhateverClass’);
$listeners = $class->getListeners(‘view’);

foreach($listeners as $

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