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Photoshop was created by Adobe Systems to be their next generation of editing software for graphics and photo manipulation. Initially launched for Macintosh computers, Photoshop was first released on the Mac in 1990. After several years of development, the Windows version was released in 1994, and later ported to Linux in 1999.

The name “Photoshop” is used to refer to a set of three programs: Photoshop, PhotoShop, and Photoshop Elements. The three share the same source code, but have different interfaces and settings.

Development process

Several stages of development took place before Adobe Photoshop was released to the public. The early software development team consisted of six engineers, two artists, and one writer.

In 1988, a team was hired for the team to refine the initial software design. This team also led development of the initial beta version released in 1989. In 1990, the full Photoshop 1.0.0 beta (released 15 September 1990) was released, featuring the three software components of Photoshop: Image Editing and Image processing, Image Printing, and Graphics.

In 1993, Photoshop version 2.0.0 beta was released, which brought color editing to the 3D view; also, named layers were introduced in the interface. In August 1993, the Photoshop 2.0.0 beta program shipped to 50 beta testers.

Adobe released Photoshop 2.0.0 (Macintosh only) in October 1994. That summer, Adobe had plans to release Photoshop 2.5.0 and PhotoShop 2.0.0 for Windows. A few days later, however, Apple and Adobe decided to delay the Mac version of the release of PhotoShop, and it was postponed until 1995. Both versions of Photoshop 2.0.0, Mac and Windows, were released in December 1994.

In April 1995, a beta version of Photoshop 2.5 (Macintosh only) was released to beta testers, and it was released to the general public in June 1995. On May 29, 1995, Adobe shipped the public beta version of Photoshop 2.5 (Macintosh only).

In August 1995, Adobe shipped the final version of Photoshop 2.5.0 (Macintosh only). That version came with a series of improvements (such as composite image editing, scan correction, panorama creation, layer masking, rotation, and alignment). In late August, the beta version of Photoshop 2.5.0 (Macintosh only) was shipped to beta testers. For Windows

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How to pay for your courses at university


Credit and No-Credit options

The Standard Terms and Conditions

The amount of credit awarded for each course is 30 per cent of the course fee. You will have a choice of a credit or a no-credit option.

For information on the courses and fees for each, go to the course page.

How to pay

You can pay via an Eftpos transaction, by mailing us a cheque, or by paying online using your bank account details.

Please note, if you choose to pay your course fees via bank transfer or by cheque, the Institute will hold your money in full until you have cleared your fees.


You can pay with your point of sale device (e.g. KwikCheque, EFTPOS or Chipit) at the Security fob station in the foyer of the business centre on campus. Follow the link above to find out where you can use the point of sale system.

If you are eligible, it is also possible to pay electronically via the Learning Credit Online system ( or the MyPay ( online system.


You can also pay by cheque. If you wish to pay by cheque, you must do so in accordance with the payment instructions. The payment slip will be emailed to you after you have completed your payment online.

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How to deal with a boring, ungrateful student

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Possibly the person is failing the course because they get distracted. Possibly because they don’t seem to care. Possibly because they don’t do very

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Master Collection Free Download:

*At least 2GB of VRAM*
*Windows 7 64-bit with latest Service Pack (SP) installed. 64-bit version recommended
*At least 4GB of available hard disk space
*CPU : Dual-core 2.4 GHz or Quad-core Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom II x4 or better
*RAM : 4 GB or more (see above)
*HDD : 40 GB or more*
*NVIDIA Graphics Card with DirectX 11 support (Nvidia GTX 560 or better recommended)

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